Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween PET Giveaway.......Mona Lucy Design

Check out Dogs in Harmonys online store.
They sell yummy organic dog treats.

When Gracie our Springer Spaniel was about 1.5 years old she started to chew on her feet. She went to the vet and they could find nothing wrong with her. He suggested it could be an environmental allergy. After all, it was the summer and we had a high pollen count. I washed her feet every time she came in the house. I gave her Benadryl. The chewing and licking did not stop. I then read somewhere that it could be a food allergy. Most pet foods have grain in them. Dogs and Cats do not need grain.  I switched her food to Taste of the Wild.
I also had to watch her treats, because they all had grain in them too. I looked everywhere for treats that were grain free, but could not find any. Dogs in Harmony was a new store that I found because they sell Taste of the Wild. Denise, owner of DIH just started to make grain free treats. Well, it has been 2.5 years since the switch. Gracie no longer chews her feet. It took a few month before I noticed she wasn't obsessed with her feet. However it took a full year to be certain it was the food, because pollen season had ended and I wanted to make sure it wasn't just the season. Well, it wasn't. I now have all my animals, 3 dogs and 2 kittens on grain free food and treats. All purchased at Dogs in Harmony. Denise at DIH is also a nurse and was a great resource to bounce ideas off of. Please visit her online store or if you are local visit her store on Atwood Avenue Johnston, RI.

Mona Lucy Design & Dogs in Harmony are doing a great Halloween giveaway. Hurry though, giveaway ends October 14th, 2011. Many ways to enter.

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